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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts from Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers understand that moving and packing is not an easy task for a single or two members. While packing and moving entire office and homes, it is a huge task and it to take up a lot of your time and effort.

So, we provide some important points helped curate the best dos and don’ts for you!

Do – Get packing accessories

Before starting the process of packing and moving your home, it is convenient to get the following packing materials to help make your packing easier and neatly. Do a rough estimate of the amount you will need and be sure to gather the following:

  1. Sealing Tape
  2. Labeling paper
  3. Markers for labeling boxes
  4. Naphthalene balls to put in trunks
  5. Old and used bed sheets
  6. Locks and keys
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Agarwal Movers and Packers

Don’t – Forget to make to packing list

Be it an office or your house; be sure to make a packing list for your reference. It is essential to make comprehensive lists, as it makes for easier packing and moving. When an item or room gets packed, tick it off on your packing list. This will leave you with a clear picture of things remaining to be packed.

Do – Discard non-essentials

Discard or give away things which you feel are not useful. Instead of cluttering up your new home, moving time is a good time to do away with non-essentials.

Don’t – Pack carelessly

Whilst packing, don’t go about packing carelessly! Be sure to combine items sensibly in boxes. Don’t over stuff in one single box. Be sure to place crushed papers for cushioning at the bottom of each carton for layering.

Do – Pack one room at a time

This is one basic, thumb rule followed by all packers and movers! When you pack one single room at a time, it lessens most of the packing problems people feel. Don’t go packing all of your rooms at the same time, as it tends to make your unpacking task all the tougher.
Agarwal Movers and Packers
Don’t – Forget to label the boxes

Be sure to label the boxes of each separate room like the kitchen, bedroom, and study. Don’t forget to spend a moment to give a small description of the items inside the box.

Do – Put a Fragile label where required

Always, always, always put a Fragile label where required. If the carton has some breakable items like glass or crockery, be sure to mention it as “Fragile” for handling with care. Also be sure to put an arrow depicting the right direction for electronics, fragile and heavy items.

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Don’t – Forget to pack your essentials where accessible

Be sure to pack necessities like toothbrushes, face wash, towels, diapers, and nightwear in advance. Always have some snacks or food handy to eat when shifting. Keep these bags someplace accessible!

Do – Start packing early

Be sure to start packing in advance so as to avoid any last minute rush. This allows you to be systematic and not pack frantically.

Agarwal Packers

Agarwal Packers

Don’t – Open all your baggage in one particular place.

When you are unpacking and setting up your new home, be sure not to open all your boxes at once. Only take out the items of one single room at a time. Go about setting up the kitchen and bedrooms first – all the rest can follow!

By following these simple do’s and don’ts from experienced packers and movers you will be able to shift your house or office without overstraining yourself. In case you wish to save yourself all this trouble log on today on for the best packers and movers in town!

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